April 6, 2018

A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday to you, dear friends. And oh my, what a cold and snowy spring day it is at our place! We have lots and lots of snow and it is a mere 16 degrees (F)... brrr!

It confirms my gladness at our choice to not purchase baby chicks this year. Because of Jack's boisterous puppy-ness, we would have had to brood them in an outbuilding and it would have been quite a task to keep them warm enough in these wintry conditions.

So... as much as I would have liked to add more chickens and ducks and perhaps turkeys to our homestead this year, it is a rather good thing that we did not. (Perhaps next spring, Lord willing)

Here are a few things from my ongoing gratitude list this week ~

:: Something new. I used one of my extra kombucha SCOBYs to make a batch of coffee kombucha and it was ready this week. It tasted like strong, fizzy (my SCOBYs make the fizziest kombucha!) and oh-so-slightly-sour coffee. A bit odd at first, but the taste had rather grown on me before the batch was gone. So I am adding coffee kombucha making to my repertoire!

:: Indoor gardening. The falling snow has not dampened my desire to get something growing! And while outdoor gardening and flower tending is for now but a future hope, I have a thriving garden of various sprouts residing in my kitchen. Wheat sprouts (my favorite kind) only take a couple of days, so I will be enjoying my harvest in no time!

:: Homeschooling. What a privilege and blessing it is! Our daily read-aloud time, the activities we do together, the freedom to explore unique interests and develop individual talents... as this, our *twentieth* year of homeschooling begins to wind down and another of our children is about to graduate, I am so thankful for all of it.

:: Personal Growth. It is as though I have experienced a mid-life jolt from the Lord and as my relationship with Him has grown so much in recent months, it has given me such clarity and peace about who I am and what truly matters to me... and the strength to simply be myself and let go of the rest. My closest friends have told me they notice a peaceful joy and authenticity about me now... I notice it, too! It is something I have desired and prayed about for *years* and I must say, it was worth waiting for. To God be the glory.

Oh, friends... my sweet sisters in Christ... there is always something to be thankful for, yes? God is good *all* the time; we must (I must!) simply remember to pay attention. {smile}

I wish you peace and a wonderful day.

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