April 23, 2018

A Carrot and a Kiss for Matilda

I knew it had snowed again before I even opened the blinds this morning. The natural light had a wintry tint to it... and snow had been predicted... so it wasn't too surprising to peer out the window to a landscape covered in white. And the icicles are back on the bird feeder.

Wasn't it springtime over the weekend? {smile} I am glad for the outdoor projects and fun in the sun of the past few days. Including time with the critters! Matilda heard us enjoying the day and returned to the barnyard from her wanderings in the upper pasture to see what we were up to. She has always liked being near where we are.

After all of these years that cow of mine has become a real friend to me. I had a carrot in my pocket (just in case she did indeed decide to join us) and called her name. She doesn't always come to me when I call her - like many cows, she has a bit of a stubborn streak tucked into her personality - but she usually comes to me.

"Matilda!" Here she comes...

She got her carrot and a pat on the head and a kiss on the nose. Because she likes carrots and I love her. 💖

And while I won't pretend to know what goes on inside that head of hers, I do believe that Matilda - in her own cow-kind-of-way - loves me, too.


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