March 8, 2018

Sewing Wide Headbands from Upcycled Shirts

My recent sewing projects have been all about upcycling and repurposing and thrift. Using what I already have to make something I need or want!

I recently showed you this skirt that I made from a bed sheet and a shirt. After that project, I had two more shirts in my closet to remake into something...

These hand-me-down shirts aren't of the style I wear, but I love the fabric! Such beautiful gray lace! And orange is my most favorite color of all, so I knew I wanted to remake these tops rather than donate them to the thrift store.

Remake into what, though... headbands! As I mentioned in part three of my modesty series {here}, I *love* wearing a wide headband as a head covering each day. {smile}

I studied a couple of headbands that I already have to get an idea of how to accomplish my headband making endeavor. I eventually want to make myself a pattern or two for headband sewing, but for these I just went for it.

Sometimes, for me, that is the best way.

For the orange headband, I made a tube of fabric that I can scrunch down or wear opened up for a wider look. And I used the lace from the top edge of the gray shirt for the trim.

The gray one is more like a kerchief style, narrower on the bottom and wider on top. I used the body of the gray top and the wider lace that was around the middle of that shirt.

I am pretty happy with them. They do have their flaws, but those are mostly hidden when I wear them. And they are a tremendous savings over the beautiful home sewn and crafty headbands I often admire in shops... mine were free!

Wishing you a lovely day, friends. 💕

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