Looking for Spring

The wonderful wind has dried up a good deal of the mud in our barnyard. Not *all* of the mud, but at least it is avoidable now. And all of us around the homestead... people and critters alike, seem to be looking for signs of spring.

Our fenced yard is still buried under a formidable drift. In fact, if I ask Jack to sit next to my clothesline, the top of the clothesline post is just a bit taller than he is. So there is quite a bit of snow that still needs to melt!

The goats are spending more time in their roomy pen, or keeping watch over our activities from the entrance of their cozy quarters. They are no longer choosing to spend the greater part of their day cuddled together in the shelter munching away at bedding hay.

Matilda will be *so* happy when the new grass begins to grow again in the pasture! As the days get warmer, her shaggy reddish coat will turn sleek and blonde. Her summer coat is nearly as light yellow as Jack's fur.

Juno and Jack joined us for a walkabout to look for signs of spring in the back pasture. We didn't see any new growth (yet)... and we paused for a doggy photo upon the family rock. This was the best one we got, Jack was far too excited to be out and about with his friend Juno to sit still. Ha!

Just a wee bit of snow remains up back! Little patches like this one are tucked up against rocks and in the bushes here and there, but the drifts are melted away.

The season is changing... the calendar says so! While I choose to enjoy whatever season we are in, I am quite looking forward to spring.


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