March 20, 2018

Knit Bunny

Cute, cute, cute, this simple knitted bunny turned out to be!

It was just a simple garter knit square(ish) with 11 inch sides to begin with. I used size 10 needles and a skein of kitchen cotton to make the square, so I guess my bunny began as a dishcloth. {smile}

And then the square was folded and sewn and stuffed with some fiberfill that I had on hand.

Then I sewed it shut and put a few stitches here and there for the finishing touches. I used the remaining cotton yarn to make a little pom-pom tail for it.

Oh my, don't you think this wee cotton bunny is adorable? All of my children want one! My project was inspired by this tutorial, and I enjoyed making it very much. 🐇

Joyfully ~

The link in this post is simply for your information and to give credit for my project's inspiration. I do not have blog sponsors or affiliates and am not paid for linking to other sites.

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