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Happy Monday to you, friends. Our weekend was a happy-busy and extremely snowy one... how nice to get some important things crossed off of our to-do list, along with our usual tasks.

On Saturday, my dear hubby had to first, repair the plow on his plow truck and then, clean the formidable snow drifts off of the driveway to open our access again.

Then *several* inches of new snow dumped upon us overnight, and we had to dig out again on Sunday!

And I had a mountain of paperwork to tackle. School records and taxes and menu making and the like. But now those things are finished and I feel rather pleased about being done with them for now.

Would you like to see some inside and outside snippets of the weekend at our place? I do hope you thought *yes*...


Oatmeal for breakfast. I added pumpkin seeds and peanut butter and coconut oil and chia seeds and a pumpkin spice blend and milk to mine. It was quite tasty! I was adding coconut oil to my coffee, but I think I like it even better in my oatmeal.

Jack making himself right at home in our well-worn computer desk chair. *love* *love* *love*

A few things from the grocery store. I have only been making a one week menu for the past few weeks... I do prefer planning and shopping for a few weeks at a time, but this little break from it has been kind of nice.


We were playing in the bottom pasture on Friday afternoon, and the kids made snow hats for some of the fence posts. I didn't ask why our fence posts needed hats... ha!... but I did think it was rather cute. We have *lots* more snow than this, now!

Those smooth wire fences will need to be checked and tightened once the snow melts.

Some deer wandered our way and kept us company near our yard.

What a blessing it is to have this view. I thank God for it every single day.

I do hope you had a wonderful weekend at your place, too!

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