March 27, 2018

Five Months Old

My Christmas puppy is five months old today, friends! Jack was such a wee little seven week old pup when I got him (remember how tiny?).

And now... wow! Such a big boy!

Jack *loves* peanut butter. He understands the words... "peanut butter" and can detect them at the slightest whisper. Before long he should know both how to spell it and recognize the asl sign for it as those are the only ways I can bring up the topic without him getting amazingly excited for a treat.

He continues to enjoy exploring the nooks and crannies of our homestead and has discovered the pleasure of dig-dig-digging in the spring-soft dirt of the upper pasture. And he really puts himself into his battles with the tall yellow grass left from last year. Ha!

Nice snowman, Jack. I don't believe that you built it yourself. {smile}

Sleeping like a baby. On my bed. I don't mind... it makes me quite happy that Jack likes to be beside me wherever I go.

He is quite heavy, I can hardly lift him anymore. And we have to really *squish* ourselves to fit into my our chair together. Ha! This month, Jack *only* chewed through two leashes, and he also began shedding his baby teeth.

Oh so loved by all of us, Jack is. He is a good friend indeed.

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