End of March on the Homestead

It has been a bit of a guessing game... the March weather at our place. Typical for spring in Montana. Our conditions have been a hodgepodge of snow and rain and sunshine. With lots of mud.

We have seen the first bluebirds of this year at our place. A pair of them flits past the window as I write, and I am hopeful that they will take up residence in one of the bluebird houses we have set up on our property. Or, they are welcome to live under the roof of our deck, which seems to have become the favored choice of at least one pair of bluebirds each year.

While a fair amount of snow remains in our fenced yard, the pastures are mostly bare with only a few scattered patches of snow here and there for the most part.

But we haven't been without our usual end-of-March squalls that drop the exact kind of snow that is perfect for snowman building. Heavy, wet snow that packs together easily. So far, the lingering storms have been few and far between.

So far.

My weekly menu has begun to include more of the foods we associate with spring at our place. Our own farm fresh eggs are becoming more reliable as the hens have begun their increased laying due to the increasing hours of daylight.

And I started knitting the shawl I am making for our daughter who will graduate soon. Each stitch is filled with this mama's memories of so many days that became years of homeschool memories with her, prayers and hopes and dreams for this sweet girl's future, and excitement for all of the adventures she will soon begin.

New beginnings. Just like spring.

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