Crafting Along {and reading, too}

Howdy there, friends. Today, I will share with you evidence that I am indeed a very s-l-o-w crafter at times! {smile} It has been a couple of weeks since I finished my knitted shawl, and since then I have only been crafting a wee bit here and there.

My counted cross-stitch project is going well. I like to work on it during the afternoons when the natural light is brightest indoors, because that is when I am most successful at seeing the teeny holes in the Aida cloth.

Afternoons are also when I tend to be happy-busy about any number of things, so I have only been getting to that sewing endeavor a couple of times a week. Slow and steady, I tell myself... here a little and there a little, and it will become what it is meant to be in due time.

Oh my, such a deep thought I just had there. {smile}

And the knitting is just a garter stitch square, which I have finished since I snapped this photo. In the next few days, the square is to be shaped into a bunny! I'm excited to see how it will turn out and I will show you when it's done, of course.

I often enjoy sharing what I am reading along with my crafting along updates, so I will tell you about that... and also I want to be accountable because I am determined to read through my Bible from beginning to end. I have never before read it straight through like that... I am quite excited to add that to the readings I do for my studies and quiet time!

I just started, so I am in Genesis and praising God for the wonder and beauty of creation.

I am still reading Growing in Grace by Sinclair B. Ferguson, and re-reading The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence.

And I am reading a very interesting memoir by Warren R. Henke called Trudge on Soul, An Adventure. I am enjoying it and quite amazed and intrigued and encouraged by the commonalities of people... I am so very different than the author, and yet I hear him and empathize in many ways.

Books are awesome, yes?


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