March 12, 2018

Around the Farm

The lovely sunshine-y weekend weather was just the inspiration I needed to snap some photos of our barnyard critters and homestead happenings as we spent time in the out-of-doors enjoying the day.

Matilda, my sweet cow-friend. One of my best friends, really. I love that cow. She came to our farm just a bit more than eight years ago, and was about three years old when I got her. So we have been friends for a long time.

Bailey was soaking up the sunshine, too. Yes, she feels as soft as she looks... I checked! {smile}

Our ducks came to their summer pen for the afternoon. There were a few patches of bare ground, but they all seemed to prefer leaving footprints in the snow.

Synchronized hen jumping. Ha! The gate of the chicken run is somewhat buried in a snowdrift, so the ladies had to use their coop door as an exit for an afternoon peckabout.

My dear hubby and I made sure Jack got lots of exercise, in hopes of tiring him out a bit. Oh my, the energy of a four month old Lab puppy. Where can I get some of that for myself, I wonder.

Our tractor in the pasture. We used to use it to keep our driveway clear in the winter, but Hubby's plow truck works much better for the task. And the plow truck is heated!

Our deer friends, paying us a visit once again.

I haven't heard one myself, but one of our girls heard a meadowlark this morning. Ooo, spring really must be on its way!


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