A Shawl Surprise

Ooo... I have a finished project to show you today, friends. The knitted shawl that I have been working on is all done! It took a bit longer than it would have had I not dropped it and had to start over, but I do think it was worth the wait.

I adapted the well-known Grandmother's Favorite dishcloth pattern for this project. I simply did half of the pattern - the increase rows - until I had 180 stitches on my needles. Then, I cast off and added a single crochet row to the straight edge across the top... to give it a bit more texture and make it a little more special.

And the acrylic yarn in a variegated colorway called fresh lilac is simply beautiful, I think.

This is a gift for someone... I don't think this person reads my blog, but even if they do I am certain they will be surprised to receive this in the mail. I put a lot of love and prayer into this shawl, I am so happy to send it off!

I am soon going to start another shawl made just like this one to give to our daughter for her quickly approaching high school graduation. She and I picked out the yarn together as we discussed the many exciting changes for her that are on the horizon...

I am planning to put a whole lot of love and prayer into that shawl, too!

Wishing you a lovely day ~

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