March 30, 2018

A Grateful Heart

I wish I could package the feeling of joy and inner peace that I have in my heart these days and send bits of it to anyone who needs it. The source of it is the Lord - so it is already available to all who choose to receive it - and the choice I have made to abide in God's endless love and live fearlessly and authentically is at the tip-top of my gratitude list today.

As I danced and flowed to one of my very favorite songs, I was praising Jesus for opening my eyes to my own worth and the freedom I have as I abide in His love. I am utterly thankful that I am weight restored and joyfully confident in who I am and that I have put my eating disorder and exercise obsession behind me for good.

Fully recovered! I am grateful.

Wishing you abundant gratitude and joy and peace, friends.

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