March 2, 2018

A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday to you, friends! Did you notice my blog's new look today? I hope you like it... I am quite pleased with the light and cheerful and colorful look of it, a bit of a refreshing for spring.

I also gave Run Hoop Julie a fun new look... and I am quite pleased with finally choosing a more minimal look for my new photography blog. Those blog related things were how I spent quite a bit of my free time this week. And now, back to actually writing the posts! {smile}

Blog design is a fun hobby of mine, so I will likely change them again (and again!) as time goes by.

It remains quite wintry on our homestead. The temperature is up a bit, and the sun is shining... but the wind has created some extreme drifting in our yard and along our driveway. Amazingly, our animal pens are *not* drifted, however!

Not having to dig out pens is something we are *all* thankful for around here!

Here are a few more things from my ongoing gratitude list this week ~

:: Daily walks with Jack. At four months old, that pup has already learned to expect an afternoon walkabout and I am happy to oblige. We often walk all the way down to the creek and then back up the long and snowy driveway. Such a beautiful and peaceful segment of the day it is!

:: Mailing this shawl. It is on its way... {smile}

:: A bald eagle. It flew right past the window of our house... and I happened to look out at just the right time to see it fly past and off into the distance. It was so amazing!

:: An afternoon of sledding. When we were finished with school the other day, we all bundled up and had a family sledding party!

There is always something to be thankful for, and that is the attitude I choose to cultivate. An attitude of gratitude and peace and joy! It is simply a matter of choosing the right thoughts and letting things go and trusting God, I think.

I wish you a wonderful weekend where you are...

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