Weekend Goodness

Only a month until Spring, the calendar says... but we are still quite ensconced in the grip of winter at our place. We had fresh snow *and* cold temperatures over the weekend, with an occasional gust of frigid wind thrown into the mix as well.

So most of our weekend tasks were a result of the snow... including chasing our snow-loving pup around the yard as he romped about in his beloved drifts, and making sure our outdoor critters were snug and cozy and comfortable in their shelters.

And it was fun to bundle up and bring our dogs Jack and Juno along for a refreshing snowshoe walkabout with my dear hubby and one of our boys who wanted to come along, too.

Around the homestead...

We put a trim board along the back of our goat shelter. It will provide a bit more insulation for the building and also gives an added measure of safety along the seam of the metal siding.

Hubby spent some time in his plow truck, keeping our long and winding driveway cleared out so we have access all the way to the house.

...And a plow truck repair was needed along the way when a hose broke. Thankfully, my dear hubby is a skilled mechanic and such things are easy-peasy for him.


We are working on the wallboard repair in the bedroom where Jack chewed through. It looks rather nice now and he hasn't attempted a repeat of his antics.

I had the *delightful* task of sorting through a bag of hand-me-down fabric from a sewing friend. Oh my, what a treat! I have so many projects swirling around in my imagination now!

And I started a wee cross-stitch project, the first cross-stitch I have done in perhaps fifteen years! I just felt like doing one, so I picked out a cute little poppy flowers sampler when we were at the craft store the other day.

I am loving it, although my nearly fifty-year-old eyes aren't what they used to be... those holes in the Aida cloth are sooo tiny!

It was a good weekend, made even better since our oldest daughter and her dog Juno are home for a few days. Almost our whole family all together in one place... to me, that was the best part of all.

Happy Monday to you...

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