Our Weekend ~ Projects and Critters

Hello friends, wishing you all a happy Monday where you are. Ours was a weekend of projects and keeping our critters warm and cozy in the cold weather that has settled in for the time being.

I did some sewing. I made a skirt for myself... I didn't use a pattern and it only took about an hour from start to finish! It was super frugal, too. Oh, how I tease with those tidbits of sewing bliss. {smile} Here is a glimpse for you:

I have a prairie skirt to show you tomorrow (Lord willing) and I will show you *this* skirt as soon as I get some pictures of it. (next week?) I have been on such a sewing kick lately!

My other main weekend project was menu planning, grocery list making, and then food shopping. I only made a two-week menu plan this time, but we were low on *everything* it seemed so it took awhile to make the shopping list.

And then there was the actual shopping and getting it all home and put away. What a blessing to have all I need for the next two weeks ready to use for my menu! And I was only eighty cents off in my estimate of what it would all cost, friends. Not too shabby considering it was a rather large shop this time.

Hubby cleaned our chimney and got started on a needed wall repair in our bedroom. My puppy discovered a small tear in our wallpaper and decided to have a closer look chew at it. Thankfully, my dear (patient!) hubby is a wonderful handyman and rather skilled at drywall repair, among other things.

So even though the temperature was frigid (single digits!) I bundled up from head to toe and took that rambunctious puppy outdoors for a walk to use up some of his boisterousness in a less hard-on-the-wallpaper kind of way.

We walked up and down the driveway and around the back pasture and then by each of the critters' spaces in the barnyard, to make sure all of our outdoor animals were warm and cozy. They were!

Our chickens had the option of coming to the barnyard for some free ranging in the sunshine, but seemed content to take in the view from the cozy-ness of their coop...

The goats were keeping an eye on things from the doorway of their shelter. Coco and Bonnie, anyway. The rest of the herd was likely munching away on their bedding hay inside the building.

And Matilda, just contentedly doing her thing, as usual.

We are still seeing deer each day. I admire their self-sufficiency! They don't have warm buildings to hunker down into and warm water to drink like our barnyard critters do.

I hope the weekend was lovely at your place too, friends. Wishing you a fantastic day...

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