Of the Weekend

Our weekend began with our usual family fun night tradition... homemade pizza and an evening of deliberate family togetherness. We have discovered the fun of playing African Stone Game (Mancala) together! It is our current favorite family fun night activity.

We began Saturday with pancakes for breakfast (yum!) and then the day became unexpectedly busy. We were planning on a quiet day at home... tending to some tasks and getting things done around the homestead. But we ended up doing errands for a good part of the day instead.

I did have a chance to inventory my spices and add the ones I was low on to my grocery shopping list. Funny how I tend to run low on everything at once... *all* the spices, *all* the cleaning products, and even the few paper products I buy. It is incentive for me to get our home storage of such things built back up again!

Sunday was blustery. A storm blew in and it made me quite glad we had run all of those errands on Saturday! We did have a few more things to pick up while we were in town, though, so I asked my dear hubby to stop by the thrift store while we were in the neighborhood...

Woot! I found a cute denim skirt and a long modest jumper in my *favorite* brand there. Oh, it has been years since I found a jumper (dress) to my liking at the thrift store. I felt like God had put it there just for me to find, it truly made my day.

It was too stormy to even take Jack for a walk on Sunday. I think that was the first day we didn't get to walk outdoors since I got him!

And into another week we joyfully go...

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