February 13, 2018

My First Home Sewn Prairie Skirt

Finished at last! My first home sewn prairie skirt... *happy* with it I am, friends. This is one of my favorite skirt styles, everything I love my skirts to be. Long, loose fitting, modest, comfy. All of those things I told you about in part two of my modesty series. And it turned out kinda cute, if I do say so myself. {smile}

And yes... that is also my new sidebar photo. As I shared with you in my {3 months} update post, I am really happy that I recently cut my bangs! I wasn't sure if I would like the look of bangs with my headbands, but I actually prefer it for myself.

This prairie skirt is my version of Simplicity easy-to-sew Pattern 1110, view B. I cut it out in extra-large so it would be nice and roomy... I like to be able to move about easily in my clothes. And I don't like the way snug clothing feels.

I did not use the pattern piece for the waistband casing. It seemed much simpler to fold over the upper edge of the skirt, rather than use a separate piece, so that is what I did this time. And I also didn't exactly follow the pattern directions for sewing the tiers together, but you wouldn't know that unless I told you... {smile}

The fabric was purchased at a discount store. It is simply good old-fashioned basic cotton. Actually, it might be a blend (I didn't save the tag...) but nothing fancy. It cost well under twenty dollars for all of it.

I do especially love (love!) the orange print that I chose for the bottom tier. And there is enough of it left to perhaps sew a headband for myself.

Sewing skirts for myself (and my girls) makes me so happy! And the only thing I don't like so much about finishing a project is that... now I don't have a sewing project to work on. Time to plan the next one indeed!

Wishing you a lovely day.

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