Homesteading in a Skirt {Part 3}

Hello and welcome to part three of my modesty series. Today, I will share some of the tips I have learned in my twenty-or-so years of wearing long, modest skirts and dresses (almost) exclusively all through the year on our Montana homestead.

The skirts I usually wear are long and loose fitting.
I am able to do chores (even milk a cow!), play with my children, chase after Jack, go sledding and snowshoeing, hike to the creek, or whatever else the day may bring in my skirts because they are long enough to keep me covered and roomy enough to move in.

I have a specific skirt for chores.
Our boys have chore jeans so their nicer clothes don't get ruined around the farm. Likewise, I have a chore skirt for the dirty, muddy, and outdoor cleaning tasks that I tend to. It is an older skirt made of a sturdy fabric... I am not concerned about it getting ripped or stained. That is what it is for.

It is always important to be aware of safety on the homestead, no matter what you are wearing. My own tasks don't involve anything that would be inherently dangerous because of my skirts, but I am always aware and cautious nonetheless.

And I have a specific skirt for other activities in the out-of-doors.
Denim skirts are best for hiking and afternoons at the creek and most other outdoor adventures, I have found. Much like my chore skirt, a denim skirt is sturdy and able to stand up to vigorous activity.

I wear an apron.
To help keep my everyday skirts and dresses nice-ish, I wear an apron. Whenever I have work to do in the kitchen, I don my white apron that says Mama across the front in embroidered orange letters before I begin.

And an apron with a large, roomy pocket is ideal for a quick jaunt to the chicken coop to gather eggs!

Staying warm.
I like to wear leggings under my skirts, especially in the winter time. It is so warm! A long skirt layered over a cozy pair of leggings is even warmer than pants, in my opinion.

Staying cool.
A flow-y long skirt made from a lightweight material is very cool and airy in the warmer months. Much cooler than shorts and infinitely more comfortable, I think.

I have a knit skirt with a yoga waistband that I often wear when I run and hoop. Ideally, I would like to find a running skirt to wear for my body positive fitness endeavors, but I haven't come across one at the thrift store or gotten one made for myself yet. I do a lot of fitness walking... but I rarely change out of the day's regular skirt or dress outfit for that.

And finally...

My Headbands.
As long as we are discussing dress, I want to mention the wide headbands I began wearing awhile ago. They are actually playing quite a wonderful role in my life and serve as a reminder to me when I feel them hugging my head or catch a glimpse of myself wearing one as I pass a mirror.

In the Bible, 1 Corinthians 11 addresses the headship order. God's perfect "chain-of-command." It is: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), the husband, and then the wife.

It is my joy to be nestled down into my God-given place, behind the scenes. I didn't always feel that way, and I want to humbly proclaim the wonderful change that our amazing God has brought about in my heart.

1 Corinthians 11 also addresses the Christian headcovering, which is an outward sign of a submissive heart. Not exactly a modest dress issue, but they kind of go together...

And like modest dress, I have found that the headcovering can be a rather controversial and divisive topic!

With the blessing of my dear hubby, I have chosen to wear a wide headband as a reminder to myself and a symbol before God of my joyful and willing submission to the headship order. It is not even perhaps a proper headcovering by the Biblical definition, but that is the purpose it serves for me in my heart.

I do this quietly and for personal reasons... it is not a salvation issue and I don't wish to set a standard for others. However, I do think it is lovely to practice a modern version of the headcovering amidst all the confusion and turmoil in the world today.

It is my pleasure to wear a band of cloth upon my head as a celebration of my choice to honor the Lord and my dear hubby... to joyfully proclaim that I am *not* the leader of our home and that I fully trust God and wish to glorify Him every day in every way that I am able to in my limited and messy abilities.

Reason number two... I think headbands are exceedingly cute.

I love my skirts and dresses and headbands. My hubby does, too. So do our children. And they have always worked just fine for me to wear around our farm for all of my chores and activities in every season. They reflect the authentic me.

There are more things I could share about this topic, and perhaps I will someday...

For now, you have some of my thoughts on the matter of modesty and what it means to me. I hope you have enjoyed my modesty series.

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Wishing you a lovely day, friends.

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