Homesteading in a Skirt {Part 2}

Good day to you and welcome to part two of my modesty series. As I promised in part one, this post will reveal the specific reasons I choose to wear skirts and dresses exclusively.

Modesty is my conviction.
The Bible commands us to dress modestly in 1 Timothy 2:9-10. For me, modest apparel is a long, loose fitting skirt with a top that covers everything it should, or a simple dress or jumper. And perhaps even more important than those things which can be worn is an appropriate attitude. Modesty is not just about what one chooses to wear, it is a matter of the heart.

I want to honor and glorify the Lord in every area of my life. But of my personal reasons to wear skirts and dresses exclusively, this is actually not the only compelling factor for me. 

Skirts are my preference.
I like the way skirts look. I think they are pretty and distinctly feminine. They can be plain and functional, or colorful and cute. Wearing a modest skirt or a dress somehow puts me in a lovely frame of mind that accurately reflects the joy I feel inside about the simple life at home that I am blessed with.

A cozy place of contentment indeed.

Jeans didn't do that for me, personally. They didn't feel like "me" when I wore them. Whenever I have dabbled in wearing pants again after switching to skirts and dresses, I felt too trendy for my taste and overly concerned about fashion... I prefer to not participate in current trends and fashions.

And jeans have always made me far too aware of my size. Which brings me to...

Skirts contribute to my peace.
I really cannot tolerate it when my clothes feel snug or tight or overly fitted. It makes me far too aware of my size in a way that for years either triggered or perpetuated an unhealthy relationship with food and fitness in my life.

The skirts I wear and the style of dresses that I like are long and loose and flow-y and comfortable. It is a liberating way for me to dress because my weight or size can fluctuate a lot or a little without me becoming concerned about it. I think that dressing this way is one of the tools God has given me to avoid the temptation to be drawn back into the disordered fitness thoughts and behaviors that I am forsaking for good.

My dear hubby loves them.
It is important to me that I dress in a way that pleases both me and my dear hubby. That my style shows respect for myself and others. And that it represents that I am a daughter of God. So I am thrilled that my hubby likes my skirts so much! And my children love my skirts, too... my whole family tells me that they like the way I dress.

Skirts are easy to sew...
I enjoy sewing and have long desired to make more of my own clothing. I have sewn a few jumpers for myself, and lots of modest skirts through the years. I enjoy choosing a pretty fabric and making a garment in just the exact right size and style I prefer... that is a rare combination for me to find unless I make it myself.

...and thrift.
Most of my skirts have been purchased second-hand. I have found so many nice long skirts and cute modest dresses for very little cost at our local thrift store. And since I can sew, I enjoy altering and customizing thrifted clothing that may not be just-quite-right for me as is.

All of those reasons combine to make one simple answer to the question of why do I wear skirts and dresses all of the time?...

This is me... a homesteading mama of many who wears a skirt. Skirts and I just go together, I think. I like wearing them all the time.

So there you have it. Were those the reasons you expected, or are you perhaps surprised a bit by my answers? {smile}

In part three of my modesty series, I will share some practical tips for wearing skirts exclusively. And I will tell you a bit about the wide headbands I choose to wear, too.

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