Homesteading in a Skirt {Part 1}

Several years ago, our large tribe was visiting with one of our neighbors at her place. As our children explored our neighbor's stretch of the creek that also flows through our lower pasture, my friend and I discussed a few of the common interests we shared.

I specifically remember sharing thoughts together regarding farm animals and gardening in the rock infested soil of our area and baking bread. And we shared tips about how we manage to keep our freshly laundered clothes attached to our clothes lines when the gusty winds blow across the mountain!

I was wearing a denim jumper that day, and she remarked that she had seen me wear that jumper up-and-down our long, winding driveway many times. And how just before that conversation-of-old, our tom turkey had followed the children and me down the driveway as we ventured to our lower pasture for some play-time. That memory brings a smile to my face even today!

Then she asked me, "Do you wear skirts and dresses all the time?"

That conversation took place years ago, but in the time since and still today, people have often asked me about my decision to wear skirts and dresses everyday. Sometimes people just assume they already know my reasons for homesteading in a skirt, or perhaps they have been mulling over the matter for themselves.

And many people really don't care, or even seem to notice what I wear... but you must be at least slightly interested if you are reading these words, and I am happy to tell you why I make the style choices that I do. {smile}

My transition to skirt wearing began at the beginning of my Christian walk. Newly saved and oh-so-excited I was about my transformed heart and changed ambitions, I was eager to emulate the sweet and modest look of many of the homesteading and homeschooling mamas I discovered as I pursued like-minded fellowship and encouragement.

It didn't take long for me to fall in love with wearing long skirts, dresses, and jumpers. Nor did it take long for me to discover that modest dress can be a rather controversial topic!

Modesty is a Biblical mandate. It involves the heart attitude as well as the outward appearance. I don't believe that skirts are the only modest choice... none of the Godly women who are my friends and mentors in my offline life wear skirts and dresses all the time, but all are lovely and modest women in the jeans and pants outfits that they prefer.

So please don't think I judge what others choose to wear. And be assured that my own joy in the Lord and fulfillment in Christ is not based upon any aspect of my outward appearance.

Except for a couple of brief interludes through the years when I have experimented with my style and wardrobe preferences, I have worn skirts or dresses exclusively for the past twenty years or so. Through six of my pregnancies... while tending to homesteading chores... while engaging in all kinds of activities and adventures in the out-of-doors.

Two factors have been the cause of those fleeting returns to jeans and pants for me since transitioning to wearing skirts twenty-or-so years ago...

Fear of what others think was one of them.

I don't want to appear prideful or legalistic in my choice to wear skirts exclusively. So I have occasionally not worn skirts to demonstrate that I am not those things. But God always nudges my heart back to living according to my own convictions and reminds me to not fear the judgment of other people. We cannot control what others choose to think of us.

And my disordered food and fitness issues in the past have been the other impetus for my occasional short-lived style shifts.

At my lowest weights I have not always worn skirts exclusively... I don't understand all the what's and why's of all of it, but I am quite thankful to be conquering those issues and that I have become fully settled in my wardrobe decisions.

Often (and today) I haven't even owned a pair of jeans or pants "just in case I need them." Because I don't. Except for the stretchy fitness pants I wear occasionally when I run and hoop, I only have dresses and skirts in my wardrobe.

For me, modesty is about being set apart and free from fashion trends. Living authentically according to my personal convictions. Being myself.

In part two of this modesty series, I will share the specific reasons that I choose to homestead in a skirt. Those reasons may not be quite what you expect them to be. {smile}

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