February 27, 2018

Four Months Old {Already!}

Time does seem to fly, and the fact that my Christmas puppy is four months old already just confirms that thought for me.

Four months! Was it not just yesterday that I received a wiggly and oh-so-itty-bitty seven week old pup for Christmas? Where does the time go anyway?

He has grown a lot... we think he looks more like a small version of an adult yellow Lab than like a puppy, now.

Jack *loves* the snow and the farm and his time in the out-of-doors. He is definitely an active and boisterous ball of energy!

He is quite smart and *very* sweet. House training him was a piece of cake, and now he goes to the door and barks whenever he needs to go outside.

But he does have his quirks. Don't we all? Ha! He likes to select his favorite items from my laundry pile and carry them around the house. And he loves shoes. And peanut butter.

I have started a collection of severed leash ends. Jack has a habit of chewing through his leashes. I wonder how large my collection will grow if he continues with this habit?

I am sure to keep a spare leash or two on hand so I don't inadvertently run out!

We are working on obedience training and teaching him commands. Jack can sit and stay and he comes to us when we call him. Most of the time, anyway...

He does get distracted easily sometimes, especially when my grand-dog Juno is around.

He loves to play with her... and Juno tolerates his puppy antics with admirable patience. {smile}

Oh how I love this dog! Jack has brought nothing but joy and fun into our days as he, in four short months, has become firmly ensconced within our family and farm and hearts.


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