February 28, 2018

End of February on the Homestead

My cow-friend Matilda and her Shadow, aka our nearly thirty year old miniature horse, soaking up the warmth of the wintry sunshine.

Our snow covered and wind blown lower pasture. So pristine.

The tracks of a wee and wild homestead critter. A mouse, we think.

Jack... looking so grown up at four months old.

Part of our little goat herd, keeping an eye on things.

And here is Ruby... my kitty. Her bed is now atop our piano. She likes the view from above, and Jack can't lumber into her lofty quarters. {smile}

It was a wintry February at our place. A short month by the calendar's estimation, but somehow a month that tends to linger a bit. Oh, I love the snow (and the snowshoeing!) and the cozy of the fire in the wood stove... but I also begin to anticipate the earliest of wildflowers that shouldn't be *too* far away.

And I am rather excited about all the eggs our chickens will begin laying again soon!

Our local feed store has chicks in stock. Before Jack joined our family, I had planned to add a dozen or so new laying hens to my flock this year. But common sense prevails, and there is just no logical way for me to add a tub full of chicks to brood in our little house that contains an always boisterous yellow Lab puppy.

He is a sweetie, my Jack... but I am going to wait another year to buy more chickens. Our current flock of thirteen hens should keep me at least partially supplied with farm fresh eggs this spring and summer.

What I *really* desire to add to our barnyard this spring is more goats! I've been praying about it and watching the farm sale ads and waiting and hoping. If it is God's will, it will happen!

Happy last day of February to you ~

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