A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday to you, friends! It is a lovely, still, and *cold* wintry day at our place. The outdoor thermometer says 4 degrees (F) and there is an inch or two of fresh snow on the ground from last night's snowfall.

I am thankful that our outdoor critters have cozy quarters to hunker down into! We carry warm water to them as well, and not a one of them seems to mind the cold and snow.

Me, on the other hand... I am rather convinced that next to the wood stove is a lovely place to be. Yes, with a cup of coffee nearby and a knitting project in hand. {smile} And when the day's tasks are tended to and the baking is done and an adventure (or two) is behind us and the hours of evening draw near, you will likely find me in just that very spot.

Until Jack needs to go outside again, anyway. I am not complaining... a house trained puppy is a blessing indeed!

Here are a few of the things I am grateful for this morning...

:: A birthday. Our oldest son is twenty-nine years old today! So much time has passed, and yet I remember the tiniest details of the day I first held my first child in my arms. Being a wife and mama is the joy of my life... and I am quite proud of the man that was once my little boy.

:: Snowshoeing. I am having such fun on the many snowshoe walkabouts around our homestead! I think I have trekked over every square inch of our twenty acres in the past week. Always with Jack at my side, and any of my children who want to join in. Wintry fun times indeed.

:: Books. I am currently about halfway through Grow in Grace by Sinclair B. Ferguson. It reminds me of The Practice of the Presence of God... both are amazingly edifying and convicting and encouraging reads, I think.

And the chapter I am about to study in How to Keep Away from the Psychiatrist by Jack MacArthur is called - "Freedom from fear and anxiety."

Even though the book is not specifically about eating disorder recovery, it is helping me retrain my brain to focus on Jesus (the solution to every problem, I think) which is *the* key to my success in conquering. Simply Jesus.

Books like these help me to apply what I learn in God's word and in the sermons I listen to. They help me to seek God moment-by-moment throughout the day.

And I just finished a novel called Not Perfect, by Elizabeth LaBan. I enjoyed it... I am trying to allow myself to read fiction more. Somehow, I have convinced myself that I need to stick with books that teach me something, and I do love to learn!

But I'm also trying to not be so achievement oriented in my life... to ease up on myself, a little. Maybe reading fiction occasionally will help with that?

:: Homesteading in a skirt. Writing my modesty series was fun and it led me to think about my personal convictions, and to feel thankful that I have the peace and confidence to live by them.

And someone asked if I still have my piercings... yes, I do. My dear hubby likes them, and so do I.

Being a born-again Christian is not about following a list of rules. It is about a relationship with Jesus and being a child of God. It's about really and truly knowing God and loving God and trusting Him.

Any work or ritual that we do... including our outward appearance... those things don't make me (or anyone else) a Christian or not. They are fruits of salvation, not the cause of it. God is the root. The Bible teaches us that there is but one narrow path to Heaven, John 14:6.

I believe that God makes each of us unique and special and gives us the freedom in Christ to walk that narrow path according to what he puts in each of our transformed hearts. How free we are as we abide within the sunshine and splendor of Christ's love.

Is Christian modesty a topic that interests you? Do you love wearing dresses and/or headcoverings, or perhaps you are considering the matter for yourself? Do have a look at my series...

Part One
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I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on the topic as much as I enjoyed sharing them! {smile}

There is always much to be grateful for, friends. God is good all the time. Thank you for coming by my blog this week. I wish you a wonderful weekend!

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