A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday to you, friends! My puppy Jack is fourteen weeks old today... so he has been with us for seven weeks already, exactly half of his exuberant and joyful life.

We have all decided around here that Jack is a fantastic example of abiding in the moment at hand and truly enjoying whatever comes along. Whether resting at my feet or bounding down the driveway or chasing a bit of bark that has fallen from the wood pile, Jack is constantly in a good mood and contagiously happy.

And he is growing by leaps and bounds! That wee pup that I cradled in my arms but a few weeks ago barely fits on my lap now. Ha!

I had something quite special to me happen this week...

I have been a fan of Peter Hollens for quite some time. I really enjoy his music and I love the way he treats his fans and followers like they are family... and he is amazingly talented, I think. So, I am *thrilled* that I got to participate in his Dear Evan Hansen Medley.

I cried when I saw it for the first time, You Will Be Found is such a beautiful song and to be part of a project by Peter Hollens... Just wow. Do watch the whole thing, and be sure to take a peek at the bottom left corner of the screen at the 2:00 mark. {smile}

And it was even more special because some of my children and I have developed a real interest in Broadway plays in the past year or so!

Here are a few more snippets from my ongoing gratitude list this week...

:: The occasional egg (or two). Even though we don't force our chickens to lay eggs through the winter by supplementing their living quarters with artificial light, those hens of ours have been producing just enough eggs to keep my baking endeavors going. Thanks, ladies!

:: Deer everywhere. We have been seeing so many deer this winter. They are on our property and around us, too... I love seeing them.

:: A walk to the creek. All of our children were happily engaged in their own activities, so my dear hubby and I took Jack for a walk to the creek... just the three of us.

There isn't as much snow there as is often the case this time of the year, but it is a beautifully wintry spot nonetheless.

:: Baking with my little boy. I love it when my children want to help in the kitchen... happiness! I have been working on a cake recipe to share with you (next week, Lord willing).

Thanks for coming by my blog this week, friends. I wish you a cup brimful of gratitude and goodness and a beautiful start to February wherever you are...

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