Happy Monday to you, friends. I do hope the weekend was lovely for you! We spent our weekend surrounded by elk. One of our teenagers spotted this large group across the way, to the northwest of our homestead...

And this bunch of elk spent the weekend within our view to the south...

So we were blessed with a view of lots and lots of elk from every vantage point for a couple of days. I haven't seen the elk yet today, but they do tend to come and go regularly this time of the year.

Our weekend began with family fun night, as usual. We enjoyed our homemade pizza and then watched a movie together. My hubby made us all a huge batch of his family-famous popcorn and when I was done munching on that, I worked on my knitted shawl a bit.

This one, the one I dropped and had to start over!

Saturday was a happy-busy-at-home day... my favorite kind of day... a day of family togetherness that delightfully blends a bit of relaxation and getting things done.

We made an enormous batch of chili early in the day so it would be at-the-ready. I managed to use up *all* of our onions and almost all of our diced tomatoes since I last shopped, so the chili was rather heavy on the beans and carrots, ha! It was quite delicious, honestly.

And I managed to get these things crossed off my to-do list that day...

* finish our three week menu plan and make a grocery list
* work on the prairie skirt I am sewing for myself
* watch the next video for my ASL class
* try out my new snowshoes

Yes! I got to take my snowshoes for a walk. My hubby got himself a pair of them, too, so we both strapped them on and went for a walkabout on the drifts around the barnyard and up into the back pasture. A few of our children came along and so did our dogs Jack and Juno.

We trekked past the chickens and ducks and up to my cow-friend Matilda's winter space. It was so much fun! I am so happy to have discovered this new winter pleasure.

The rest of the weekend went by in a flash... church, grocery shopping, taking our adult daughter back to her place and running a few errands in the town where she lives.

And we watched together a documentary about Israel, which is a place that utterly fascinates me... for its rich Biblical history, especially. I love trying to read the Israeli street signs and such, since I have been studying the Hebrew language for awhile. I think Israel is a beautiful place!

And now we get back to our normal around here.

My birthday ends the holiday season for us... our holidays began in October with one of our boy's birthdays and we celebrated five birthdays along with the traditional holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's Eve / Day... plus my dear hubby and my twenty-ninth wedding anniversary since then. Whew!

Our next at-home family birthday isn't until April, so we have a wee hiatus!

Back-to-normal around here for today includes (among other things) a full homeschool day, baking bread, catching up on the laundry, filling the wood box, and a quick run if I can squeeze it in... and I would really like to get a bit more done on my skirt, too.

So, I will wish you a wonderful day and proceed! {smile}


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