Starting Over

Oops. I dropped my knitting project, friends. As I was knitting on my shawl last night, I heard something glass fall and break in the kitchen. Without thinking, I tossed my knitting project aside as I hustled out to see what was going on.

It was a glass bowl that broke. The victim of a poorly stacked dish drying rack. Oh well... easy enough to clean up and no harm done.

Except to my knitting project. {sigh}

Once the mess in the kitchen was properly tended to, I returned to my chair and carefully picked up the tossed aside pile of yarn and shawl to resume knitting. A few stitches had slid off of the circular needles and the whole thing was rather jumbled.

I tried to fix it but I'm not sure I was knitting in the right direction... the dim lighting of the evening didn't help the matter much, and I am not very good at fixing my knitting mistakes anyway.

I eventually made the decision to start the project over.

It's okay... I am making the shawl for myself and there is no deadline for the project. And I love the meditative process of knitting - the feel of the yarn, watching the project come together row-by-row. Oh, and I do love wearing or gifting my creations... but I have never been a fast knitter so I'm used to my projects taking awhile to complete.

This is what my shawl looked like way back at the beginning of November... and I hope to get this far with it again today!

So my knitted shawl has gone from almost finished! to only just begun! Again! {smile}


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