My Style {and sledding!}

Happy New Year, friends! As I shared with you here, I have decided that 2018 is going to be a very good year... and ours did begin with a day full of fun and celebration.

One of our girls is a New Year's Day baby. We have always told her that the whole world counts down to her birthday and celebrates it with fireworks. {smile}

I've always thought of the timing of her New Year's Day birthday as a special gift to me, personally. Not only because she is an amazing girl and special in every way, but because it was on New Year's Day many many years ago (twenty-five, I think...) that I had emergency surgery due to an ectopic pregnancy loss.

But since our now twelve-year-old daughter's birth, New Year's Day has been a joyful celebration and a source of many happy memories.

And this year, we had a sledding party as part of the day's celebrations. Our homestead is blanketed with lots of fresh snow and we are blessed with some of the best sledding hills around, I think...

We made several trips up and down various hills around our place, seeking out the very best sledding conditions of the day. Even Jack (our Labrador puppy) bounded about in the deep, powdery snow for awhile, before he got tired and we took him back inside.

And my children encouraged me to share my New Year's Day outfit with you... "so cute, Mama!" they insisted. {smile} And thrifty, too!

The bamboo fiber top and pink flowery dress are thrifted, and including the lacy headband and black leggings my whole outfit cost under ten dollars.

I hope the new year is off to a good start for you as well, friends! I wish you a lovely day where you are...

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