January 9, 2018

Making Friends

It was something I was excited about, introducing my Christmas puppy Jack to my cow-friend Matilda. Over the weekend, as we headed up back to show Jack his spacious stomping grounds, we stopped by Matilda's winter space so the two could become acquainted for the first time across the fence.

Jack is just over ten weeks old now, and weighs around fifteen pounds, I think. He was thirteen pounds at his vet check-up a couple weeks ago, and oh boy that little guy can eat! But Matilda is about eleven years old, and weighs several hundred pounds! Quite a size difference indeed.

Usually, Matilda doesn't care much for dogs. And I doubt that Jack has ever even seen a cow before.

Would the big barnyard friend I have had for eight years and the sweet pup that has only been here a few weeks be friends?

The first meeting went quite well. The two even touched noses across the fence.

Of course, I was way too distracted with the cuteness of it all and my proclamation of "awwww!" to capture a photo of that special moment. {smile}

How delightful it was to watch the animals I love so much begin a friendship with one another!


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