Oh, how productive I felt as I filled my flour bin with freshly ground wheat berries! It is one of my favorite tasks, grinding flour. It takes me about an hour to get my grain mill set up, my large flour bin filled, and everything cleaned up and stored away.

The frequency varies a bit according to how much baking I am doing, but I usually grind flour every ten days or so. That is usually enough for four bread baking sessions (about twenty loaves worth of bread dough) and a couple batches of cookies, or maybe a cake or three.

And on this day, I had already read aloud to my children and helped them get their school work underway, started the day's laundry, and finally gotten my two gallons of homemade kombucha bottled...

Hence the happy feeling of productivity. Yes! {smile}

While I worked at my grain mill in the kitchen, the children were busy with their own activities nearby, and my puppy Jack was at my feet.

Usual blessings of my ordinary days, both of those circumstances are.

After awhile, I asked one of my boys to please let Jack outside for a romp about the yard. He called Jack to the door and moment later my son wondered aloud if we should wait for the deer to move along first. Before Jack entered the scene with his usual puppy-exuberance.

Oh... I hadn't realized that the herd of deer that often inhabits our homestead in the winter months had ventured so close to our fenced front yard...

Jack wasn't whining to go out, so we did wait and watch the deer as they wandered past. And then we all decided to interrupt our routine for a few minutes of spontaneous play in the out-of-doors.

It was just what we needed. A lovely break that included sunshine and fresh air!

Back indoors, the school work was completed, the flour bin topped off, and Jack had a nap. Puppies need lots of naps indeed. Another simple, ordinary day at our place.


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