End of January on the Homestead

It is 27 degrees (F) at our place on this last morning of January. A blanket of white covers the ground once again, a result of a wee snowstorm that passed through yesterday.

I took advantage of the new snow and took Jack and my new snowshoes for a walkabout. It was lovely... listening to the crunch of my snowshoes and Jack's playful puppy antics amidst the absolute stillness except for the falling snow.

But it was a dry month overall... those snowshoes were a birthday gift on the 17th from my dear hubby and yesterday was my first opportunity to use them on new snow.

The other day, I took my camera along at chore time so you could join me for an end of January peek around the barnyard. Does that sound fun? Let's go!

All is well in the goat pen. Here is Coco munching away at her morning hay...

And those friendly goats of ours always come to the fence for a pat on the head whenever we are anywhere near their space.

We have been casually looking for another dairy goat (or two) to add to our herd. Our current gals are dry (not giving milk) and I miss having a daily supply of fresh goat milk, my favorite.

We have learned over the years to be patient and selective when it comes to adding animals to our farm, but if the right goat(s)-for-us become available, we just may welcome her (them?) to the farm. {smile}

Next stop... the duck coop. This is Mags, our oldest flock member at about 8 years old. She is a Magpie duck and a real beauty, I think...

And on to the chicken coop. Our chickens have the option of staying in their cozy coop or coming out into the out-of-doors for daily exercise and fresh air.

Say hello to the Henriettas. That is their name, not their breed. We named one of these ladies Henrietta when she was but a fluffy yellow chick, but since we can't tell them apart easily they both go by that name now.

Next stop, my cow-friend Matilda. Jack said hello to her while the hay was tossed in, then Matilda (and Shadow) munched away at their pile before spending the afternoon in the back pasture.

Matilda does love her hay, as you can see here.

And doesn't our miniature horse Shadow look amazing?... She is nearly thirty years old! I am thankful that she gets to live out her days at our place with her friend Matilda.

Here is Matilda contentedly watching the snow as it began to come down...

I love that big beautiful cow.

January sped by, don't you think? It seems as though I write those words so often... time flew by, this week went by in a flash, another month has come to an end. My grandma said to me many times that time waits for no one. She was oh so right about that.

And into February we go!

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