January 15, 2018

Celebrating, Snow, and Goats

anniversary roses
Twenty-nine years ago I became the wife of the man that I love more than ever... I was nineteen-almost-twenty years old when we eloped. We had been high school sweethearts, each other's first and only love.

Even then, as a very young bride, I knew with all my heart that I had found my soul mate!

Our weekend anniversary celebration included a lovely dinner, just the two of us. And a candle in my dessert in honor of our special day! {smile}

our server at the restaurant captured an image of our celebration
We still have plenty of snow at our place, but the temperature has warmed up a little so we spent a bit of the weekend in the out-of-doors enjoying our homestead.

Our youngest child rolled up a snowman, complete with arms made of firewood kindling, a carrot nose, and a scarf I wove long ago on a rigid heddle loom I once had.

our boy's snowman
And the kids dug a roomy snow cave at the base of the enormous snow drift that now covers the majority of our fenced back yard. Our hilly homestead and windy area can really work together to produce some impressive piles of snow!

digging as Jack keeps watch
The goats kept an eye on us as we played in the yard. I love that their pen is adjacent to our backyard space... the goats are used to us and extremely friendly because of the time we spend in their midst.

Here are Bailey and Clementine showing off their round bellies and warm winter coats...

Bailey and Clementine
And Heidi upon her nest of hay, ha!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend at your place, friends. And onward into another week we go!


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