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It was another birthday weekend at our place!

We have a Christmas Eve birthday boy, a New Year's Day birthday girl, and then one more birthday girl within the early days of January. There is one celebration after another at our place this time of the year... {smile}

So we began the weekend with birthday cake waffles. It is a fun idea I came across a few years ago... I simply take a packaged cake mix and add it to a batch of my regular waffle recipe. Then I cook the batter as usual on my waffle cooker.

At our place, birthday cake waffles are always served with mixed berries, maple syrup, and a dollop of whipped cream on top. Yum!

The birthday girl wanted a fancy birthday hairstyle. Thankfully, our oldest at-home daughter is a master of creating cute hairstyles, so the girls fixed their hair while Mama cooked the waffles.

It was nice to spend some time with Matilda over the weekend. The warmish weather made it quite pleasant to take her an apple and give her a pat and some love.

"Matilda!" I called from the fence that surrounds her winter space. Here she comes...

And she got an apple for her effort, as I suspect she knew she would.

My dear hubby had an errand in town, so we all went along for the ride. We were delighted to see these deer in town... just down the street from where my hubby works!

This doe was standing on the highest point of the rocky outcropping. She didn't leave her post, but she twitched her ears every time a vehicle passed by.

Jack went to town with us. He isn't a big fan of riding in the vehicle, yet. But I'm sure the day will come when he gets rather excited at the prospect of an outing.

His cuteness melts my heart... those eyes!

We saw all of those deer in town, and then when we returned home we noticed several elk across the way from our homestead again.

What a blessing it is to see so many wild animals on a regular basis!

We took Jack for his first walk "up back" and introduced him to the place where he will romp and explore until he eventually knows every inch of it.

Here is the snowy and serene view from our back pasture...

I hope your weekend was lovely, friends. I wish you a good start to the week!


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