A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday to you, friends! This morning simply sped by for me... as did the week, as usual. I have been the good kind of busy recently. Not the overwhelmed kind of not enough time in the day busy, but the good kind of calm productivity. Happy busy, I like to call it. {smile}

Today is a baking day for me... I have a big batch of whole wheat sourdough bread started, a special homemade pecan pie in the oven, and we are planning to make butterscotch chip cookies later. I am also soaking two pounds of beans so I can make chili tomorrow, and I will be making a batch of our favorite homemade pasta sauce, too.

I am baking the pecan pie for my dear hubby... we are celebrating twenty-nine years of marriage in just a few days! I found this delicious pecan pie recipe on the Garlands of Grace site awhile ago, and it has become one of my go-to special things to make for my hubby.

This is what my version of it looks like...

Here are a few snippets from my ongoing gratitude list this week...

:: Our anniversary. Twenty-nine years of being the wife of the finest man I have ever known. He is my best friend and my true love... I made the wisest decision of my life when I said "I do" all those years ago.

:: Homeschooling. This has been a week of fun projects... we made a child safe version of elephant's toothpaste and the little ones, especially, have been doing lots of painting and crafting and reading.

:: Speaking of reading... I picked up a copy of Marley & Me (by John Grogan) at the thrift store. I am about half way through it and I have literally laughed-out-loud while reading it *so* many times. My sweet puppy Jack is a yellow lab like Marley is, but not quite so much of a hand full. Ha!

Time to show off my pup. Again. I do love this dog so so much!

Jack at 11 weeks old.
:: Julian the frog. This Pacman frog belongs to one of our teenagers. We don't see much of him (the frog, not the teenager... ha!) so when Julian un-burrows himself from his mossy substrate it is quite an event! Our son feeds him superworms a few times a week...

:: Recovery. I shared my two month eating disorder recovery update this week. All glory to God, I am doing *so* well. Sometimes I wonder if my journey is something I should even blog about, honestly. Eating disorders seem to be a rather sensitive topic, I have found. But it is a part of me and I'm not ashamed of my past struggles, and I am overcoming, and even if those posts are only used by God to help me (which they are) then they are worth doing.

:: Ordinary things. Our read-aloud times, taking an apple to Matilda, doing my Bible study, having a few minutes to hoop. Time spent in the out-of-doors on a snowy sunshine-y afternoon. Simple days at home with my family on our farm... living on our land, surrounded by the people and animals that I love so much, and pouring myself into the life I have been blessed with.

The oven timer is about to sound, which means the pie is done and the bread is ready to go in... so I will wish you a wonderful weekend as I go and tend to those things. Thanks for coming by my blog this week, friends!


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