A Grateful Heart

It is a rather warm feeling 45 degrees (F) at our place today. The snow looks heavy, piled so high into drifts along our driveway and against the gates and fences around the farm. There is no wind and the sky is covered with thick gray clouds above, but I can see blue sky to the east and sunshine upon the mountains in that direction. It is a lovely day.

The main focus of our week has been getting back to normal after the excitement of our Christmas and New Year's celebrations and two recent birthdays and my hubby's stay-cation from work.

Although I am not sure how normal one's routine can be when there is a ten week old puppy in the house! Jack does keep us busy in a most delightful way!

Here are some snippets from my ongoing gratitude list this week...

:: Jack. Oh, the joy this little pup has brought into our home and added to our homestead! He has already learned to "sit" and will often obey the command to "stay." And oh what a treat it was that he actually slept through the night recently, too. {smile}

:: Books. I have quite a few reads going at the moment...

I am reading and so far greatly enjoying a book on my Kindle called From Sand and Ash, by Amy Harmon.

I am once again reading aloud the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder to my children... we are currently mid-way through Little House on the Prairie for the umpteenth time. Our copy is so worn and torn after all of these years! Lots of memories indeed.

To my younger girls, I am reading Beautiful Girlhood, by Mabel Hale.

And I am re-reading and studying through a book called How to Keep Away the Psychiatrist, a Christian mental health book by Jack MacArthur, as part of my eating disorder recovery. It isn't specifically about eating disorders, but I am learning a lot about properly handling anxiety and stress in a Biblical manner.

:: Peanut butter cookies. My absolute favorite kind of cookie! My daughter surprised me by baking a batch this week... oh, what a delight to savor several of them still warm from the oven!

:: Makings and doings. This week, I made a big two-gallon batch of peppermint-lavender laundry soap. I have made yogurt twice. And I baked five loaves of whole-wheat sourdough bread. I made this birthday cake and will make another tomorrow. I knitted, I sewed. I practiced my two handed hooping. I worked on my Hebrew lessons every day and I started a new Bible study called Simply Jesus.

Good things, those. It is quite lovely to do something in my free time besides over-exercise.

Sometimes children say the wisest things. During our read aloud time this morning, we were discussing the importance of obeying God and doing right, even if no one else seems to care about such things. Our six-year-old added, as we were discussing peer pressure...

"We do us and they do them." Good thoughts, my son! {smile}

The new year is off to a good start at our place... I hope it is for you, too! Thank you for coming by my blog today. I wish you a lovely weekend wherever you are.

With peace and kindness...

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