It is our farmiversary, friends. Today, we are celebrating seventeen years of being on our land and coming home to our happy gentle homestead. {smile}

Oh, how young we were as our homesteading adventure began... and so full of all kinds of hopes and dreams for our place. We only had three children back then, and our twenty acre farm was nothing but a wide open space with a cute little house at the top of a steep and winding driveway.

I still remember that on our first Christmas here, my dear hubby gave me a wee butter churn and I exclaimed how excited I was to get goats. Today, that butter churn sits atop my kitchen cupboards and I am blessed with the view of a bustling barnyard full of a variety of critters as I peer through the window.

Including goats, of course.

And we have had five more babies in those seventeen years, and now are a family of ten. Life on the farm is indeed good. {smile}

We have made a lot of improvements to our place in the time we have been here. We have tried new things and mastered new skills and changed our minds and tried again. And we hunkered down and paid off the mortgage about fifteen years early.

That God allowed us to do *that* and become debt-free as a single income family of ten is quite remarkable, I think. Yes, our joyfully thrifty and frugal ways are many... but all the glory belongs to God.

Ever-changing and never boring, this simple life we have chosen... And we continue learning and growing and adapting. We keep that list of homesteading hopes and dreams alive.

Because while we don't know what the future holds or where God will lead us, our family is hopeful that seventeen years on our home-sweet-homestead is just the very beginning.


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