December 11, 2017

Our Gingerbread Tradition

It has become a favorite Christmas season tradition at our place to purchase a gingerbread house kit and lots of extra candy to make it even sweeter.

Over the weekend, we took the time to build and decorate our little holiday house.

I love it. For now, it sits on a tray in our living room in its fully decorated splendor. As the week goes by, it will start to disappear... piece by piece and then chunk by chunk. By the end of the week, a few crumbs of gingerbread *might* remain and if so, our chickens will have a treat.

But I will be a bit surprised if my big tribe of gingerbread (and candy!) lovers does leave even a crumb of this giant sugar covered cookie house behind. Ha!

Our gingerbread tradition is just one of the simple things that we always do as part of our Christmas celebration. And it is indeed one of the "we always..." activities that I look forward to every single year. {smile}

Wishing you a sweet start to your week!

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