Our Christmas

Peekaboo, Ruby!

some of the food (one of our many pizzas)

a beautifully snowy white Christmas day

Juno and Jack

my homemade pecan pie (which my Hubby claimed for his own)

Jack's first Christmas

It was a lovely weekend of shopping and baking and celebrating and celebrating some more at our place friends.

We had some last minute errands that took up most of our Saturday... it was actually quite nice to be out and about on a cold snowy day, with so many other people also in the shops, and an almost-Christmas festive feeling in the air.

There was a bit of baking, food preparation, and gift wrapping yet to be done on Saturday as well. I made our pies for Christmas, and a birthday cake for our Christmas Eve birthday boy.

Oh, and guess what... My dear hubby surprised me with a stand mixer for Christmas! My kitchen is yellow with red accents, and my lovely new mixer is red... so it will sit upon the kitchen counter at all times, I decided. I am looking forward to using it the very next time I bake. {smile}

Sunday (Christmas Eve) was all about our boy's birthday. Our fifth child is now fourteen years old! It was a wonderful day and I reminded him as I do each year that he is the *best* and most memorable Christmas gift I have ever received.

And then Christmas. It was a whirlwind of activity and fun and food... nine of our family of ten at home with all of the pets and critters that complete our homestead. Here are some snippets and traditions from our day ~

Several years ago, we accidentally purchased six oranges and one grapefruit (instead of seven oranges) to add to our children's stockings. It is now a tradition that our son who received that original grapefruit gets one each year, and it continues to be quite hilarious to us all every single time. Ha!

Our usual Christmas food... we *always* have cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast. And then store bought pizza with lots of salads and side dishes and desserts for the rest of the day! I make pizza for us every week all through the year, so it is quite a treat for me to let someone else do the cooking for Christmas.

Just a little bit of time in the out-of-doors. I took Jack and Juno out for some fresh air and the kids enjoyed zipping down our homestead's fantastic sledding hills on their new sleds. It was quite cold and it snowed all day long so we weren't outside for very long.

We enjoyed opening gifts, we had a lovely video chat with our adult son who lives far away, we watched a few movies... it was a very nice day of togetherness. I do hope that you had a good Christmas, too!


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