Just Us

Oh how lovely to spend an afternoon with my love. Just us. It is a blessing of our children getting older, being able to slip away for a few hours without having to figure out who will watch the younger ones until we return.

Our older teenagers are quite responsible and capable of keeping an eye on things so Hubby and I can enjoy an occasional date together. Just the two of us.

Today we had a mission beyond simply enjoying togetherness, however. It was the day we had chosen for our annual Christmas shopping excursion. And how lovely our little town looks, all dressed up for Christmas. Though it is a bit odd to not have any snow to speak of.

Soon enough, my dear hubby assures me. I am sure he is exactly right about that.

We visited a few shops and found a few things to purchase and tuck under the Christmas tree. And we made a quick stop by the thrift store just in case they had something we needed.

Ooo... a denim prairie skirt for me? Yes, that is a need indeed! {smile}

And then we went to our favorite local restaurant for a lovely lunch. It seemed quiet there today, even though they were busy-as-usual... when our family (and a friend) ate there together to celebrate my hubby's fiftieth birthday last spring, we were a party of ten!

One more stop by one more shop and then back home again. Reunited with our tribe. The presents are stashed away until I have a chance to sort them out and begin the wrapping.

It was a good Saturday indeed. I do hope the weekend is lovely where you are.

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