Friends, I am so excited for you to meet the newest addition to our happy gentle homestead! He is the sweetest little guy... a mere baby, just now old enough to leave his mama and join our family.

I would like to introduce you to Jack.

We have been thinking about it for awhile... bringing a puppy into our home. A dog for all of us, but most especially for Mama. But it had to be just the right puppy for us. The perfect match for our family and our farm. Experience has taught us the importance of being selective and patient when choosing just the right animals for our place. So we watched and prayed and waited.

And I had no idea that a match had been found. Not even a clue. So when my dear hubby said he had something to bring in for me when he returned home the other day, and that it was to be a surprise, I really did not know what to expect.

I certainly did *not* expect to return to the living room to see our children seated together with a squirming, tail-wagging puppy right in the midst of them... a darling Yellow Labrador puppy adorned with a shiny blue bow bigger than he is...

"Merry Christmas!" my tribe cheerfully exclaimed when I came into the room.

Oh my! A Christmas puppy! It was indeed love at first sight all around, I think.

I already had his name chosen. It was decided long ago... I've known for awhile that if I ever got a male dog I would name him Jack, after a character in one of my favorite movies. The movie character Jack is kind and brave and loyal and strong... a good friend to those he loves.

Just like my Jack will grow to be.

What a delightful whirlwind of activity this wee puppy has brought into our home! It is going well and it is a lot of fun having this rambunctious pup as part of our family. Jack is receiving so much love and attention and already seems to know his name, such a smart little fella he is!

With our house full of children and a barnyard full of critters and acres and acres of open spaces to explore with us at his side, sweet Jack is indeed home. He fits right in with us already, unabashedly adored by all.

Friends, I got a puppy for Christmas... a complete surprise! Squee! I must say, I am rather impressed that my dear hubby and children pulled this off so successfully!

Welcome to the family, Jack! You will love it here, I promise. And welcome, most especially, into my heart. {smile}

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