December 20, 2017

Almost Christmas

It is a snowy and cold (17.7 degrees F) wintry day at our place, friends. We are listening to Christmas music and making candy and keeping our new puppy entertained and out of mischief.

Such a good day, a simple and ordinary day... and it is all working together to bring a rather festive atmosphere into our home.

This year, we have been listening to mostly hymns and Christ-focused Christmas songs. It is something I thought might help keep our focus on Jesus through the season and minimize the more commercial aspects of Christmas. It was a good idea, I think.

I wanted to try making divinity this year. So today, we gathered all of our ingredients and supplies and then realized that our candy thermometer is nowhere to be found.

So... I had to guesstimate when the sugar syrup was at the right temperature. Our farm fresh egg whites whipped up to beautiful stiff peaks, and then I poured the syrup in.

The candy did not turn out like puffy clouds as we had planned. Rather, our divinity pieces look like flattened and sticky lenticular clouds. Ha! They are delicious regardless.

And we had a good time giving divinity making a go!

I do hope you have a lovely day where you are...

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