A Grateful Heart

How lovely it was to get outside into the blustery fresh air and venture up back to say hello to my cow-friend Matilda. Ahhh. It has been cold at our place this week, and we have just enough snow to make it feel like Christmas really is just around the corner.

Matilda is doing quite well. She is a beautiful cow, I think, and she is the picture of health. I love how her face gets a big black heart on it when her winter coat grows in. I love how big she is. And that she only has one horn.

I released the chickens for their daily hours of free-ranging about the barnyard. I also checked their nesting boxes and discovered a dozen eggs! What a surprise, especially for this time of the year.

And just in time for some holiday baking, too, which I plan to do as soon as I get my baking supplies replenished. (those banana splits were worth it, though)

Thanks for the eggs, ladies!

Clementine was the only goat that felt like standing in the sunshine. The rest of the herd was lounging in their shelter. Munching away at their bedding hay, as usual.

I am thankful for our critters and our land and all that God has blessed us with here on our twenty acre Montana homestead. It amazes me that we celebrated our seventeen year farmiversary this week! Time really does fly when you are having fun. {smile}

Here are a few more snippets from my ongoing gratitude list this week...

:: A breakthrough. Oh, how happy I am that I think I know why I have had such fitness issues over the past several years, friends. I feel amazing today... the past few weeks have been incredibly productive in my journey to conquer this thing.

:: Elk burger. A kind man gave my dear hubby a gift of a few pounds of elk burger. It has been a long time since we harvested an elk of our own during hunting season, so this is quite a treat! I used some of it to make a huge pan full of burritoes last night and there was not a single one leftover. Good stuff.

:: Christmas lights. We hung them everywhere this year. And they will not stay up, ha! Several times a day, a section droops and someone adds another sticky-clip-thingy to the massive number of clips that are already *not* sticking to the walls we painted last spring. It is pretty amusing, we think. Our usual Christmas dilemma is keeping Gloria (our treetop angel) in place. This year, it is lights. Ha!

:: Piano practice. I am squeezing a few minutes of piano into my days once again. Just a bit here and there... I am not very good at it (yet!), but I am good enough to entertain myself and have fun with it. All of my endeavors and hobbies and classes are going better now as my eating disorder recovery is well begun... I am *so* thankful for that.

:: Laughing. After we finished our yoga camp practice the other day, my daughter and I tried a hoop dance routine together, where we had to follow along with the instructor and the choreography and the music. I am amazed my hoop stayed up, we were laughing *so* hard and having so much fun... it was awesome.

:: Ordinary things... our youngest boy is at this moment running through the house in his superhero costume, playing an adventure game with his sisters. The bread I made is rising on the counter and the pizza crusts are finished and set aside for family fun night. There is a fire in the wood stove. All of the Christmas lights are up for now!

I have much to be grateful for indeed.

Thank you for coming by my blog this week, friends. I do hope you enjoy your visits here... and I truly wish for you a cup brimful with things to be grateful for.


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