A Grateful Heart

It has been a wintry and wonderful week at our place, friends. And it did fly by all too quickly, in my opinion... probably because my dear hubby has been home all week and we are enjoying a stay-cation of family togetherness and getting things done around the homestead.

My hubby has been spending some time each day plowing our one-third mile long driveway. So far, so good... we have not yet gotten snowed in!

I have been cleaning up from Christmas and getting things put away. I sorted through my closet (again) to remove the items that no longer fit and encouraged our children to do the same in their closets. And I got inspired to also go through some drawers and cupboards in the kitchen.

Oh how clean and organized everything looks. Yes!

I used my new stand mixer for the very first time to whip up a big batch of pancakes. Such a fun and effective gadget, this 5-quart red mixer is! I'm excited to experiment with it.

Here are a few of the snippets from my ongoing gratitude list this week... 

:: Our Christmas. It really was a lovely day. I received a few homemade gifts from my children, which I love! One of our boys made me a latch-hook pillow (with a crocheted back!) and one of our girls made me a little framed picture for the shelf beside my bed.

Happiness is homemade indeed.

And it was wonderful having our adult daughter home for a few days at Christmas, along with her dog Juno...

:: Wildlife on and around our farm. We are still seeing deer quite often, and this week we have also been seeing a small group of elk on the hillside across the way. 

:: A birthday. One of our girls is a New Year's Day baby... she was *the* New Year's baby in our county the year she was born, and we got our picture on the front page of the newspaper for that achievement. {smile} Was that really twelve years ago already?? Oh my...

And here we are at the end of 2017... my last grateful heart post of the year. I have *so* much that I am grateful for this year, big things and small things.

Among those blessings is gratitude that I decided to start blogging again this year. Writing and taking photographs helps me to notice and savor all the goodness that surrounds me, and I do love sharing snippets of it all here and on Run Hoop Julie.

And 2017 is the year I discovered hooping! {smile} That discovery is indeed something I am very thankful for...

Thank you for coming by my blog today, friends. I wish you a cup brimful of things to be grateful for!

With peace and kindness...

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