A Grateful Heart

Greetings from our c-c-cold (17 degrees F) and very snowy homestead, friends! It began snowing earlier this week, and I am so glad that I took my camera with me as I tended to our critters then because there is very limited visibility today, with all of this lovely just-in-time-for-Christmas snow coming down!

It is cozy at our place... we have a fire in our wood stove and our Christmas lights are on. The tree is lit and lovely and has a pile of presents beneath it. And what a blessing to hear my children discuss their excitement about what they are giving in those packages even more than curiosity about what they will be receiving. {smile}

All of our critters are cozy as well. Their shelters are well stocked with bedding hay and we carry warm water to them when the weather is this cold. Our hens must be happy because they are laying a surprising number of eggs for this time of the year.

It is wonderful to have them for all of the Christmas baking I have been doing!

And yesterday, I glanced out the window at just the right time to see a cattle drive happening down on the county road. Perfect timing to take a moment and watch... (I love cows.)

Here are a few more things from my ongoing gratitude list this week ~

:: Jack, my Christmas puppy. He is eight weeks old today and simply thriving at our house. If love does indeed make a puppy grow (I think I heard that from Clifford the Big Red Dog) then Jack is going to be enormous. Ha!

:: All together in one place. Nine of our large family of ten are together for Christmas... I feel truly blessed. And Juno is home, too, and got to meet Jack. Happiness indeed!

:: Stay-cation. My dear hard-working hubby will be off work all of next week! Oooo... how excited I am for all the family togetherness to come, friends!

:: My back feels better. And I have an idea...

 As I told you here, I tweaked my back earlier this week. It is feeling better, thankfully. It also made me really reflect on my exercise habits. My birthday is in January, and I am thinking that on my birthday I won't exercise at all. It will be a gift to myself and a good baby-step in my journey, I think.

:: Jesus, my Lord and Savior. I do not have adequate words to express how thankful I am that I am His and He is mine. I think my faith is growing and maturing a lot these days, friends... God is so big and good and in control and all of my hope and trust is in Him alone.

:: Ordinary things... our daily family read aloud time, my carpet cleaner (that puppy, after all...), dancing to Christmas songs with my children, having time to knit in the evenings, Christmas movies, online sermons, kindness.

There is always so much to be grateful for. It is a real key to happiness, I think... noticing and appreciating all of the good and wonderful things around me. And truly believing that the inevitable not-so-good things are for my good and God's glory.

Thank you for coming by my blog(s) this week, friends. I wish you a wonderful weekend and a very Merry Christmas abundant with goodness and blessings.


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