A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday to you, friends. It is quite windy on our happy gentle homestead today... I wonder if a storm is blowing in. It would be nice to have a bit of snow just in time for Christmas!

We have been doing daily readings from an Advent devotional as part of our Christmas season celebration. One of the discussions my children and I had recently was about how God perfectly arranged all the necessary details and circumstances of Christ's birth to perfectly fulfill Old Testament prophecy.

My children and I were thinking about how God controls everything and knows everything. Oh what a lovely truth that is!

This week, we had another chance to be amazed at how the Lord works things out perfectly...

One of our boys had a toothache. My hubby and I decided that he should have it looked at. Our dentist had a cancellation so we were able to schedule an appointment right away (which was yesterday).

Yesterday's weather was perfect for me to drive to town for the appointment. I have *very* particular circumstances in which I am willing to drive. (I am accepting this limitation about myself for now... perhaps I will try to overcome it one day, but I am giving myself grace today.) So I was thankful for the ideal-for-me driving conditions.

As my son-with-the-toothache and I were getting ready to go to the appointment, I asked my youngest boy if he would like to come along with us. He said yes, so the three of us went to the dentist.

The toothache was due to a minor cause that didn't even require treatment. What a relief... we were thinking our boy might require a root canal. As we were getting ready to leave, I mentioned to the dentist that we would be back one day for him to have a look at our youngest boy's tooth that had just come in rather misshapen.

Our dentist had a quick look and suggested we just take care of it right then. Turns out our youngest boy had a supernumerary (extra) tooth that was quickly and easily extracted and now *that* concern has been removed.

On the drive home, we discussed how neat it was that God used a minor toothache in our older boy to get our youngest son's tooth taken care of...

The appointment was available. The driving conditions were fantastic. And at the very last minute, I decided to also take our youngest son along to his brother's appointment.

And today, we all feel better! Thank you, Lord.

I like to remember these stories whenever I am tempted to worry or fret. I have seen it again and again in my life... God is in control and He does care about even the smallest things. I am grateful.

Thanks for coming by my blog this week, friends... I appreciate all who read my ramblings here and on Run Hoop Julie. I wish you a cup brimful with things to be grateful for.

With peace and kindness...

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