A Grateful Heart

I am grateful for a lot of things, today. For everything, really... life is indeed a wonderful gift. But rather than sharing bits of my gratitude list this time, I have a quick story of God's provision.

In yesterday's end of November post, I showed you my hubby's new generator. He has wanted one for awhile, and it is indeed something that will prove itself useful around here. The wind blows a lot where we live, and power outages are not uncommon.

So my hubby picked out this particular generator at our local ranch supply store. Hubby told me how much it cost, and I transferred the amount he told me to the bank account he used to pay for it.

When he went to purchase the generator, it was on clearance. Woot! That was quite an unexpected blessing... so it cost a significant amount less than he had planned to spend.

A few days later, our vacuum cleaner would not turn on. My handyman hubby took a look at it and said it was beyond repair (something about the motor) and we should get a new one.

Okay... we definitely need a working vacuum cleaner around here!

I chose the one I wanted from another local store. When we went to purchase it, it was on sale... for the amount that we had saved because the generator was on clearance. And the extra money I had transferred was still sitting in the account, just where we needed it to be.

So awesome, yes?

God has always provided our every need (and many of our wants) in His own way, at just the right time. I make a monthly budget, my hubby approves it, and we live a frugal lifestyle... it just seems prudent, especially since we are a large family living on one income, by choice.

But I don't worry or fret about the finances.

And this is a fun little detail... it just so happens that my new vacuum is my favorite color. Orange! {smile}

Thanks for coming by my blog this week, friends. I wish you a wonderful day.

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