Wintry Weekend

Brrr! Winter has arrived at our place, friends. Welcome, I choose to say! Lots of snow, lots of cold, a lovely start to November on our Montana homestead. Ahhhh. I am ready.

Our wintry weekend began with our family fun night fall party. We dressed up in our costumes... this year we had a couple super heroes, a couple historical figures, a genie, and a New York "newsie" in attendance. Such clever and imaginative children I have! {smile} We had homemade pizza and a special dessert, played board games, and watched a movie together. It was lovely.

Saturday was a mix of work and play... being sure our pens and fences are ready for winter and the drifting snow that is sure to come, hauling buckets of warm water to the critters, and filling the wood box. Hubby and helpers did some work on the plow truck, the older girls helped me organize and inventory our pantry. An ordinary day, it was.

I had been looking forward to watching the New York City Marathon for awhile. Since I started running this year, and joined some fun running groups, I have really come to appreciate the sense of kindness, community, and encouragement that I have encountered in other runners... and I wanted to join in.

So on Sunday morning, I got my running shoes and ran along with the televised marathon. Right in my living room, here in Montana. I did my best to match their pace and ran in place. It. was. awesome. In the forty-five minutes I had to join in before we had to be somewhere else, I got enough steps to equal nearly five miles. Oh my! True, I am easily entertained, but why not? I loved it.

I may never run a real marathon, or even a real race of any kind... or maybe I will, who knows? But I can have fun and run my race at my pace right where I am right now. And I enjoy every mile and minute of it.

And when the marathon winner crossed the finish line, I cried... I was *so* happy for her! (and when I saw footage of the last finishers crossing the finish line, I cried... I was *so* happy for them, too!)

Even with the extra hour, the weekend passed by all to quickly. I still have groceries to put away and laundry to fold... but there were *four* heads of organic cauliflower on the markdown rack and I grabbed them all (99 cents each!) so I do know what I am having for lunch today. Easy-peasy vegan lunch... the zucchini and cauliflower version... yum!

I hope the weekend was lovely where you are, and I wish you a wonderful start to your week!

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