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Hello there, friends. It is a wintry snowy day at our place... there are a few inches of snow accumulated on the wood pile, it is currently 26 degrees (F) outside and still snowing. The critters are warm and fed... our daily routines are well begun, and I have a moment to sip a vegan pumpkin spice coffee and chat with you about all kinds of random things. {smile}

First, I want to answer a few of the questions I have been asked...

How can I leave a comment on your blogs?
After much deliberation, prayerful consideration, and talking it over with my dear hubby, I decided to not include a comment option on my blogs.

What kind of homeschool curriculum do you use?
In twenty years of homeschooling (!) I have found a good mix of traditional textbooks, workbooks, online resources, and real life experiences that work beautifully for us. Our homeschool is structured yet quite eclectic, and ever evolving as we experiment with new things and purge what no longer serves us.

How old are your children?
We have eight children, four boys and four girls. Six still live at home, one lives nearby, and one lives way too far away, in my opinion. {smile} They range in age from 6 years old up to 28 years old... and we are on the verge of a flurry of birthdays!

Oooo, that was fun! Now my faq's are up-to-date. All three of them, ha! Now on to some random rambling as I finish this delicious coffee...

Yesterday was World Vegan Day. I didn't even know about it until I saw it on social media, but how lovely to have an opportunity to share my lifestyle!

You know, the gentle part of my blog name is mainly a reference to being vegan. And also, because I have *always* longed for the gentle and quiet spirit referenced in 1 Peter 3. Sometimes I think I am not a bold enough Christian or vegan... and then I think, "Just be yourself." Perhaps sometimes those things are best shared just by being open and transparent and imperfect and writing from the heart... those things you *will* find here, indeed.

And I washed my hair. With 2-in-1 dandruff shampoo... (rolling my eyes at myself). I went two full weeks without shampoo, just doing the water only washing, before I looked in the mirror and said, "Nope!" Now I will go back to my once-or-twice weekly washings and definitely let go of my desire to do the "no-poo" thing perfectly. My deepest admiration goes out to all the successful water only washers out there!

Speaking of hair... I am going to go back to my natural brown-going-gray color. My hubby loves it that way! I dream of one day having long gray hair, so I may as well get started with it.

I already did my morning run and now it is time to join my daughter for a short session of Pilates... and I hope to bake bread today, work on my new Bible study (in Nehemiah), and make a two week menu and grocery list. Along with all the everyday things like school, laundry, life. Happy-busy indeed, these days are.

I am so glad we had time for coffee together today, friends. And I wish you a wonderful day wherever you are.

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