Simple Weekend

It was a rather simple and quiet weekend at our place, friends. I needed it, honestly... I have been in such a predictable and comfortable routine with my fitness habits, the thought of adjusting those habits a bit and making necessary changes is somehow a lot more tiring than all of the miles I have been running lately. {smile}

Perhaps it is my resistance to change that has drained me temporarily. I want to be moldable and teachable... properly responsive to the loving voices of authority and leadership in my life... those of my hubby and the Lord. And not worried about what others think, and certainly not ruled by my emotions. Oh, what a process it is!

Changes in my plant-based vegan fitness habits are necessary... I *am* healthy and happy and plan to stay that way, so putting on a few pounds is probably a good idea. And, I am off to a good start with a positive attitude and the unwavering support of my dear hubby. One day at a time seems to be the best plan for now as I strive to put some long-standing disordered thoughts and habits behind me for good.

It is all a perfect reminder to abide in the moment at hand without regret for the past or fear of the future. The past can't be changed and the future is under God's control. Yes? Yes!

So I am thinking about going back to wearing skirts a lot more often, perhaps even all the time. For years, I wore long, modest skirts or dresses exclusively... oh, those cozy years! Not only are skirts lovely and comfortable, but a loose fitting skirt really helps me to *not* focus too much on weight fluctuations. And I can sew them myself. Woot!

I guess for now I am just going to wait and see what happens and trust that it is all going to work out for my good and God's glory. And I am pleased that I am brave enough to share this here... believe me, I feel rather awkward doing so, but step out of my comfort zone I shall. Keeping it real is important to me.

Perhaps weight and body image struggles are foreign concerns to you? They have been a thorn in my flesh for some time now! It's an ongoing journey for me, mostly joyful, including plenty of struggles *and* triumphs... but this is all good.

I will always be vegan, Lord willing... and a devoted fitness enthusiast, too. I am simply seeking to find a balance and I want to lose the disordered thoughts and habits for good. Recovery is a word that brings up all kinds of strong emotions, but that is what I plan to do. I am going to recover from fitness obsession, fully and forever. I am! Do join me over on Run Hoop Julie if you want to follow along.

Back to our simple weekend...

Friday evening was family fun night as usual at our place. We had homemade pizza and pumpkin bars and popcorn and watched a basketball game on television together. Family togetherness is bliss, I think. Add popcorn and it's a party, ha!

I spent a good portion of Saturday in the kitchen. I am experimenting with making plant-based cheese... it is going pretty well, we have been eating my first attempts in sandwiches. Soon and very soon I hope to begin sharing recipes with you, but not yet. I want to practice a bit more!

I did make a yummy pudding and, Lord willing, will share that recipe with you this week. And guess what... there is no pumpkin in it! Ha! I think the three most recent recipes I posted were pumpkin recipes so this is quite a change indeed. (no pumpkin, but there is chocolate so get ready...)

Sunday kept some of us close to home with an unexpected illness and the rest of the family busy with our usual routines. Hubby and the boys did the grocery shopping since I was home, too. How wonderful is that? {smile}

Ordinary loveliness...

I took a quiz for my ASL class and scored 100%. The perfectionist part of me thought this was pretty awesome. {smile}

We got out our Christmas sheet music books for piano. Oh, those familiar tunes are all coming back to me as I hunt and peck and count the notes once again. And to hear my children play is divine.

Hubby and his helpers did some tasks around the homestead. Quite a team, they are. It makes my heart glad to see our family working together around our farm.

I enjoyed a 30 minute run. Lovely because I love running... even better because I'd had enough after half an hour and stopped without feeling like I *should* finish the hour run I had planned. Good job, Self. {smile} And then I did a quick total body strength workout. Just what I needed.

I had time to crochet. I am almost done with a big bulky vest I have been working on. I am excited to get it finished... hopefully by Thanksgiving.

I do love a simple, quiet life. I hope you had a lovely weekend where you are...

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