November 1, 2017


The night before Halloween, I could not sleep. It was a combination of having a lot on my mind, feeling a bit like I was coming down with something, and excitement for my first ever virtual run the next day. After tossing and turning for long enough, I decided to get up and have some tea, and write in my journal.

So yesterday, I was quite tired. It took me a long time to do my Halloween Fun Run (10K, woot!), and then it was time to face the day and its responsibilities. My sleep tracker reported a measly 3 hours and 4 minutes of sleep the night before. Ugh.

When I was up for those many wide-awake hours, I jotted down a to-do list for the next day. Just regular things that I wanted to remind myself to be sure to get to. By late afternoon, the top of my to-do list looked like this...
  1. Halloween Fun Run
  2. read aloud Proverbs and Little House
  3. bottle kombucha
  4. bake cupcakes
  5. update end-of-October homeschool records
  6. write word picture post for blog
I already had my picture chosen for this week's word picture. Isn't it lovely? Those are the leaves on the currant bushes right outside our window. So pretty in their fall colors, those few leaves that remain. But what about a verse to go with it?

Hmmm. I am tired and have no ideas... maybe I should just skip this post this week? I thought to myself.

But these posts are wonderful for me... a chance to dig into God's word and dwell upon a specific verse or thought He has given me to meditate on. Sweetness and encouragement and loving reproof that cannot be found anywhere else. I opened my Bible, and the first verse I saw was this one:

"Come to me, all you who labor and are heavily burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28 (WEB)

So amazed and thankful, I am, that God always gives me exactly what I need at exactly the right time. That verse was just the one I needed brought to my mind at that moment of sleep deprived weariness. How glad I am that I opened my Bible right to that nugget of truth.

Next time I have trouble sleeping, I won't let the wheels in my head begin turning. I won't get up and start making to-do lists. I will pray, meditate on God's word, and lean on Him. And find rest. Which is what I should have done the night before Halloween.

Wishing you peace (and rest), friends.

I use the World English Bible (WEB) for my word pictures because it is a version in the Public Domain. The name "World English Bible" is trademarked. More information can be viewed here.

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