Coming Home

When I was a younger homemaker... probably about twenty-three years ago now... my hubby and I began yearning for the country life. We had two, then three children at the time and lived in a big old house in a small town. I was homemaking and homesteading and homeschooling right where we were, and we began praying for some land of our own.

I did a lot of reading about frugality and self-sufficiency. We went for long, leisurely drives in wide open spaces to see what country life looked like. I kept praying for a few acres and hoped. And waited.

Along the way, we looked at a few properties and places that looked promising. But there was always something in the way... one place was too close to a highway for our taste, another wasn't suited to keeping the animals we wanted, most were simply out of our price range.

I specifically remember looking at a piece of property just up the mountain from where we live now. Again, that place wasn't quite right for us... *sigh.* As we drove down the road heading back toward town, I spotted the house that is now ours. I pointed to it and said to my hubby, "I wish *that* place was for sale."

Time passed and we moved on. It didn't seem like a homestead of our own was going to happen, so we concentrated on paying off the mortgage on our house in town. I baked and canned and gardened and homesteaded right where I was, quite content. A little disappointed, sure... but making the best of what I had to work with.

Then... rather on a whim... my hubby picked up a real estate pamphlet when he stopped by the store one evening. Looking through it together, we immediately spotted the hoped for house and property I had pointed to those months before. *This* hoped for house and property.

Oh my! I had made a wish list of hoped for things for our prayed for homestead. We wanted at least a couple of acres, a few trees, a one level house with a specific layout, and a creek. Check, check, check, and check! And it was in our price range. We arranged to see it and made an offer. Then we had to sell our house in town. Quickly!

In spite of there being so many houses for sale back then, our place in town sold within a month. Everything, every detail, fell into place. And we moved here, to what I hope is our forever home-sweet-homestead, in December 2000.

I am still flabbergasted at times when I recall all of those happenings... and I give all the glory to God for the answered prayer. God answers all prayers, but I got my way on this one... {smile} How the details worked out perfectly... it was *this* place and it was just what I dreamed about and prayed for. Amazing.

This land belongs to God and home is wherever my family is... I know that, and I would joyfully go wherever He leads us. But what a blessing it is to spend these days right here on our home sweet homestead. I am thankful.

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